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Define yourself through
dynamic limud Torah.

Real תורה.

Real People.

At Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim You'll Experience:

Dedicated Rebbeim who connect for a lifetime.


Energetic friendships that encourage growth.


A breathtaking campus that inspires equanimity.

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A systemized framework that guides


Comfortable facilities that provide
peace of mind.


Exhilarating trips that give your year geshmak.


A challenging curriculum that engages
heart & mind.

  • You want to live your life with purpose, not out of habit. 

  • You want to know the “whys” of what you’re doing.

  • You want to make your learning more Geshmak. 

  • You crave a place where all your questions are welcome.

  • You don’t want to do what everyone’s doing JUST BECAUSE everyone’s doing it.

  • You know your time in Eretz Yisroel will impact who you become.

You don’t want to put your life on hold. You want yeshiva to shape your life.

Shape Your Mind, Shape Your Life

The Torah we learn together forms a lifelong platform of thought and inspiration.

At Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim, we work hard to infuse the desire and passion of תורה learning into each talmid, while at the same time enabling them to find their own unique character and חשק in תורה.

We believe that deepening our students’ cognitive Talmudic abilities transforms their hearts and minds, and our loving and experienced Rebbeim facilitate this growth through a carefully directed process.


REAL תורה

I love the learning at YOY. It caters to literally every level — there are guys strengthening skills, others learning pshat, others delving deeper. I’m amazed that I’m surrounded by great Rebbeim — there’s someone incredible in every corner of the Beis Medrash.

— Yoni Samet


Real תורה//

Experience the joy and vitality of learning and ground yourself in תורה for years to come. 

Expand your clarity and appreciation for learning while refining your understanding of גמרא. Revel in the challenge of exceeding high expectations and celebrate impressive accomplishments. Unearth your potential through the lens of תורה, and define your best self.

Real Friends//

Support your growth with strong connections and friendships.

Join a peer group that is positive, accepting, and just plain fun. Befriend guys that are caring, relatable, and know how to have a good time. Share rich and exciting experiences, and create deep bonds based on exploring ideals, questioning norms, and encouraging growth.

Real Growth//

Open your mind and experience inner calm on our expansive picturesque campus.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views and tranquil environment of Moshav Beit Meir, a religious moshav with easy access to the center of Yerushalayim. Enjoy hiking trails across the moshav, and foster your personal development through true serenity and reflection.

Real Leaders//

Create lasting and warm relationships with our experienced Rebbeim.

Be accepted by Rebbeim who understand your challenges — and your world. Propel yourself to success with our thoughtful listening, nuanced understanding, and genuine belief in you and who you can become. Experience a unique balance of encouragement and demand. Share Shabbos experiences — both in Yeshiva and in our homes — and appreciate our values on a deeper level.

Real Expansion//

Broaden your Gemara knowledge in night seder, while studying many סוגיות that relate to your morning Seder.

Seize the opportunity to deepen relationships with our beloved night seder Rebbeim. Enjoy Hashkafic discussions alongside Gemara studies, and count down the minutes to our incredibly popular post night seder גמרא shiur.

Real Comfort//

Free your mind to engage in the סוגיא, and allow yourself the possibility to stay for years.

Relax in well-maintained accommodations equipped with a weight room, heated pool, student lounge, and three outdoor basketball and hockey courts. Dine on wholesome meals that rival home cooking. Adjust easily with private bathrooms, showers and a/c units. 

Real Thrills//

Broaden your horizons, form close-knit relationships,
and enjoy the memories for years to come.

Experience the breadth of Eretz Yisroel with our meticulously planned destinations and activities. Our itinerary is expansive as it is adrenaline-packed: jeep through the Golan mountain range, raft through the Jordan River, hike through the Negev desert region, spend Shabbos in cities across the country.


Real Clarity//

Ask your questions, share growthful ideas, and gain clarity and support in an encouraging and relaxed setting.

Experience the weekly highlight for many Bochurim: Thursday mishmar with the Roshei Yeshiva, Mashgiach, and Rebbeim. Enjoy our signature spread of homemade fare, served with a side of inspired, open discussion.

  • Learn because you have to, not because you want to.

  • Keep wondering who you are and what your purpose really is.

  • Go back to America with only a few extra pounds to show for the experience.


Or you can pave a path to a successful future –
and have an incredible time doing it!

See for yourself how incredible Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim is!

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